Built In Refrigerators Jenn-Air

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Control every aspect of how your built-in refrigerator looks—from its panel to their handle style—and coordinate them with any aspect of your design.

JennAir offers a captivating range of built-in refrigerators that seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. Let’s explore some of their top features:

Bespoke Configurations: JennAir’s built-in refrigerators come in various configurations, allowing you to perfectly customize your kitchen space.
Quiet Tranquility: These luxury side-by-side refrigerators are the quietest in their class, ensuring a peaceful home environment.
Solid Glass & Metal: Crisper drawers, shelves, and door bins are crafted from solid glass and metal, chosen for their natural durability and odor resistance.
Multi-Point Lighting: As you open the door, the lighting intensity ramps up, enhancing visibility and highlighting your ingredients against the Obsidian interior.
Exterior Ice & Water Dispenser: Some models feature an exterior ice and water dispenser for convenient glass-filling.
Precision Cooling: JennAir’s refrigerators maintain ideal preservation temperatures for both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.